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SPL|COps| LT Ross|"Brother Dear"

Posted on Tue Sep 26th, 2017 @ 6:03am by Lieutenant Oliver Ross

Mission: Mayday, Mayday
Location: Various Location (USS Ward)
Timeline: Back Post: Three Months Before Launch of USS Lexington

.://Ross's Quarters, USS Ward.://

The face of his brother was a sight for sore eyes. It had been forty-five days since he had seen Elias or heard his voice. After the news spread of what had happened on board Saturn. Elias's ship exploring the Delta Quadrant, the entire Ross family went into fear mode. But now that communications was possible again, Ollie was one of the first people able to talk directly to his brother.

"I am fine Ollie, I was able to talk to mom two days ago. But the signal cut out," Elias ran a hand through his hair. A nervous tick the older brother developed when he was much younger.

"Are you sure," Oliver asked. "Because something tells me otherwise." Ollie crossed his arms. He stood in his Quarters and rocked a bit to keep his legs from cramping. Oliver knew his brother well. If something was bothering him Elias was not one to express it explicitly without some sort of prompt.

Elias look away toward something out of his periphery and then back toward Oliver. "They want to promote me out of my command."

"What? Why?" Great sorrow leapt in Oliver's heart. This was Eli's dream and by extension Oliver's as well. Both had often spoken as children their great dream of being like Kirk or Picard; exploring the stars and making names for themselves.

"After our last battle with the Hirogen, I feel Command has had enough. So instead of keeping me in the chair they want to bench me," The camera followed Eli as he sat down behind his desk. "But enough about me and my troubles. How are you doing?"

"I am moving on finally," Oliver said. "I am transferring to the Lexington. They needed a Chief of Ops and I volunteered."

"Good ship," the screen started to waver. "Damn, we're losing the signal again. Listen I

Oliver tried keying in commands to try and boost the signal from his end. "Okay, Captain Ross," he shouted as the screen. "Love you brother."

"...Ove". The screen went blank and then a message flashed that read. "Signal Lost Please Try Again." Oliver slammed a hand against the desk and cursed under his breath.


LT Oliver Ross
Chief Operations Officer
USS Lexington


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