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SD241709.18 - Joint Duty Log - CO & APCO - "New Platoon CO"

Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 5:54pm by Colonel Imagen Johnson & 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Grey

Mission: Mayday, Mayday
Location: Marine Barracks
Timeline: Current

Imagen had just recieved notification of assignment of a full Platoon of marines. She was on her way down to the barracks now to meet the new Alpha Platoon Commanding Officer, a gentleman by the name of Arthur Grey. She had met the man briefly before, but only during an operation, back in her time as a marine, when he had been a newly promoted 2nd Lieutenant. He had been a good leader back then, and Imagen hoped he could only have improved.

Arthur, meanwhile, was glaring at his office. In the past he'd always managed to do all of his paperwork in the communal areas, storing some stuff in the database and keeping the number of padds to an absolute minimum. On this ship, however, a platoon CO had an office. He had an "in" tray, and a console locked to his account.

Even now, there was a tidy pile of padds in the "in" tray. Personnel transfers, hardware transfers, and likely the normal number of requisition refusals. Whenever he started a new job he liked to start by requisitioning a large number of high explosives to round out the emergency stores. It was also a great way to get a feel for his quartermaster, as the killjoys would block the requisitions and submit damning reports, while the best quartermasters would approve the lists and recommend additional gear.

Ignoring the paperwork for now, he left the office and made for the nearby barracks. His people were still on leave, technically, but his gear had been beamed directly there. At least he could unpack what little gear he had; some photos, a couple of posters, and some hand weights.

He used to have a portable bench, but it got crushed shortly after he hit 130 kilos. That was another thing he needed to address; requisitioning a thicker bench.

The barracks were just around the next corner, according to the map. However the map did not warn him that the CO was also around the corner.

Pulling up short, Arthur's heels clicked together as he shot to attention; cutting a crisp salute.

Imagen returned the salute, looking the man up and down. Even though off duty, the man wore full marine uniform with rank insignia of a 2nd Lieutenant. "At ease Lieutenant." She said, nodding to the man. "At a guess you're 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Grey?" She asked.

"Yes sah!" Arthur replied, dropping the hand back down to his side. "Pleasure to be aboard sah!"

"Happy to have you, I believe we served at Magus III together, i'm not sure if you'll remember though." She said, smiling. "So, tell me a bit about yourself Lieutenant." Imagen asked, starting to walk down the corridor.

"Second Lieutenant Arthur Grey, Alpha Platoon Leader, Quantico graduate with high marks in explosives and PT, Marine Corps, sah." Arthur rattled off, taking it down a notch and falling into lockstep with the Captain. Though he understood rank pins, he also knew that the CO of a ship was always called Captain.

"On a personal note sah, I do remember your face. Don't think we talked though." he added, not recalling any conversation beyond a smattering of briefings and some assorted #hooah. The Corps' favourite noise of all time, it means anything you wanted it to. Like "pass the beans", "yes sah", "no sah", or "I believe this artist's attempt to depict nonconformist relativism is hindered by the abstract neocentricity inherent in 18th-century-themed 23rd-century classical works, sah."

"And how long have you been with the Corps?" Imagen asked, interested.

"Maybe eight years sah, I'd have to check a calender." Arthur replied. He didn't keep track of the number of years, though he did always remember to shoot his siblings a video call on the anniversary of their enlistment. His brother was a marine, and was climbing the ladder much faster than Arthur, while his sister was in Starfleet, and was the Chief of Science on the USS Phondroon.

Actually, he hadn't had a message from his brother in some time. Arthur's brow flickered in momentary concern, and he resolved to place some calls on his down time.

"Yourself, sah?" Arthur asked, his subconscious spotting the lull in conversation and filling it automatically.

"I've been in the corps for about....fifteen years now? Started when I was 18 at basic and been here ever since!" She said, quietening during the middle to think about how long she'd been in. "So 8 years and 2nd Lieutenant? Not bad, put some hard work on maybe you can make Captain, or maybe higher." She said smiling.

"Maybe, sah." Arthur replied, grimly contemplating a future with more paperwork, more responsibility, more layers between him and the action, and less opportunity to out drinking with the guys. A platoon leader could get hammered with the troops, but a full-bird had to be respectable.

On the other hand, more rank often meant more leeway, despite less hands-on. It was the difference between grenades every day, or planet-cracking once a month. Food for thought. Later.

"You, sah? Eyes on a General spot?" he asked. The paperwork at those levels was deadly, or so he'd heard, but there was something to be said for ordering armies and fleets into battle.

"Not likely, I take a general spot I'll lose my command, and I don't think I could survive in an office. I hate paperwork with a passion. Heck, being a Colonel brings enough paperwork. That's one thing you should know. Obviously paperwork is necessary however I don't expect it to take priority over normal marine training such as fitness, weapons drill etcetera." She said smiling.

"Yes sah." Arthur replied, nodding. He could empathise with that. It did beg another question though.

"No CO paperwork sah?" he asked. Previous COs had often complained about the amount he generated for them by blowing stuff up, though one had confided in him that their desks were often covered by padds anyway.

"Obviously some is necessary...unfortunately. I suppose I'll have a fair bit from you...try not to blow up anything to expensive or important." She said smiling again.

"Um...define important, sah." Arthur asked carefully. Most people would agree that crew and vital systems were important, but what about the holodecks? The plumbing? The enlisted quarters? Push hard enough, he'd found, and even the most lenient COs tended to gradually expand their definition of "important" to the entire ship.

“Important means this ship and anything majorly religious or sacred. If you’re worried about any then run it by me first. I’ll probably end up coming on a few of the marine assignments anyway.” She smiled again. “Right, I need to head to the bridge, when the other platoons arrive arrange some drills, exercises etc. You’ll have full use of the holodeck as needed!” Imagen said.

"Yes sah! Thank you sah!" Arthur bellowed, back in full-metal-sergeant mode. He slammed his heels together and cut another salute, before about-facing and making off towards the barracks. His men should have arrived by now.

Imagen was happy to have met with the new Platoon CO, and was looking forward to finding out what he had planned for his platoon. She also was interested to join in on some of their training exercises.

=^= End of Log =^=

Colonel Imagen Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Lexington


2nd Lt Arthur Grey
Alpha Platoon CO
USS Lexington


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