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Meeting the XO

Posted on Sat Oct 14th, 2017 @ 12:21am by Colonel Imagen Johnson & Commander Trinian Wells

Mission: Mayday, Mayday
Location: CO's Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Imagen had just got word of her XO being transferred over to her ship. She was eager to meet the person, as she had not worked with them before. She hoped that she would get on with the person.

"Oh hey! Hi there. "
"How can I help you.. "
" I'd like a Mocha Capucinno with whipped cream and a cherry please. So, Are you from around here?"
Trin sputtered and looked side to side wondering if anyone he knew was still here, and hoping they didnt remember him, as the very cute little vulcan prepared his drink.
"Yeah, I am. I was born next to the power genertor." She replied.
Trin chuckled. "Thats good" He said. "Thats really really good".
"No, I was. Really!! Some Yahoo decided to kerfuggle the station keeping thrusters and dropped us toward the planet.. The stress triggered my mothers labor, so, here I am."
The girl smiled a cat ate the canary smile as she watched Trin fumble about for a response. "So what about you?? Ever been here before?"
"Um Uhhh no.. First time.. Really.. I Uhhh, I uhhh, just got assigned to the Lexington. "
"Oh really? Not to engineering I hope."
"Umm, no. I took a bridge assignment. I! uhh wait! Why engineering?"
"I have other customers i have to take care of. I'll see you around,,, daddy"
"DADDY!! wait! WHAT?"
but it was too late. the girl had already turned around and was waiting on other customers..
"YAHOO????? "
Trinian stood befuddled for a moment as the coffee began to dribble over the side of the tilting cup onto his shoes..
Slowly Trin turned towards the lexingtons dock after looking back once more at the adorable little vulcan turned viper, who was now wearing an even bigger smile".

Reaching the Lexington He approached the guard at the ramp and handed him his papers..
"Commander Trinian Wells, reporting for duty. "
'Yes Sir.. The CO's been expecting you sir.. Please proceed to the bridge" came the reply.
The usual turbo lift ride took onnly moments, and not quite long enough for Trin to distance himself from his encounter with his,,, " Daughter???".

Wlking across the bridge and too the ready room door, he could feel all eyes upon him as he stretched out his hand and rang the buzzer.

"Enter!" Called Imagen from behind her desk. She was just sorting out the last few bits of paperwork before they could set off.

Trinian opened the door and proceeded through and approaching the CO's desk came to attention.
"Commander Trinian Wells reporting for duty Sir."

Imagen rose from her seat and stretched out her arm to shake the mans hand. "Colonel Imagen Johnson, a pleasure to meet you Commander, I've heard a lot about you." She said smiling broadly.

Trin stifled his reaction to her statement as best he could as he reached back to shake her hand. "The pleasure is all mine Colonel. I assure you"; he said while trying with everything he had too not look at her chest. It didnt matter where you were from, this chick was HOT: hot enough that getting spaced was almost an acceptable risk..

"So, If you dont mind Colonel, I'd like to know more about the ship. It seems pretty old but didnt these models have like a dual warp core or something?"

"Aye, dual cores, need them to keep something this large moving. 44 Decks, 3 launch bays. Room for tons of marines. And armed to the teeth." She said, smiling.

Trin chuckled and smiled back. "Yeahh, thats Starfleet for ya.. peaceful exploration with enough firepower to wipe out a civilization.. So, where do I begin? How might I assist the Captain today. Brandy? Cognac? Or maybe a shot of Glen Morangie to relax with after the work is done?"

"Maybe when we're off duty Commander, but for now I want to get to know you, what do you like, not like etc?" Imagen asked, smiling.

"What do I Like?" Trin lifted a finger, mouth agape and stared off into space for a moment. "Ya Know, I've never been asked that before.. What DO i like. Well, I like Bach and Bergersen and ACDC. I like Pepperoni pizza, Pastrami Sandwiches and Fillet Mignon smothered in wine with a mushroom sauce. I like quiet evenings, the Imperial Gardens of Kyoto, and Daffy Duck. I like a great many things. Most of them harmless.. I used too own a small trading company called Galactic Transit. You probably never heard of it. I Hauled cargo, till things got too hot and i had to retire. Thats what ended me up in star fleet. Spent some time on Jupiter Station, then this other little place you probably never heard of as an engineer, and then was reassigned to a desk job in Paris.. Yeah, that Paris.. Politicians UP the waZOO. When i saw the opening for Lexington i saw how old it was. I had to apply. This is history we're living in. Actual, legendary history. Anyway. I like a clean ship, a good crew that doesnt run and hide at the first sign of trouble and orders given clearly. SO!.." Trin cocked his head and with a cat caught the canary smile lifted both his hands in an open jesture. "What about you? Or am I allowed to ask that?"

"Well I started off at Academy, then went from there into Security. Decided I liked shooting people so went back and joined the Marine Academy. Graduated, joined up as an officer, took charge of my first squad soon after. Gradually got moved up through the ranks and now i'm here!" Imagen said, smiling.

Trin spiked his brows in surprised realization then looked at the Colonel. "So, the warrior queen and the pirate.. We should make a great team Colonel, provided the universe survives. So do you like champagne, wine, rim or whiskey?"

"Rum and coke, or Vodka depending on how I feel. What about you?" Imagen asked, smiling slightly.

"Me? Oh! Well, I suppose you could say i like Scotch. Actually, I like single malt Scotch.. That blended stuff just doesnt get it.. "

Trin looked at the door having heard a faint buzzer go off somewhere outside. He was always the cautious type ( not to mention curious ) and strange sounds tended to send up warning flags.

"Something going on Colonel? "

"I'm not sure. Shall we go and find out?" Imagen asked, standing from behind her desk, and heading for the bridge.

"After you Colonel." And with that, Trin waited for the colonel, and doing an about face, fallowed her out the door.

Imagen stepped onto the bridge to hear the start of the transmission, saying that the Lexington's fighter wing had turned up.


Colonel Imagen Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Lexington
Commander Trinian Wells
Executive Officer
USS Lexington


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