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JDL | CO & MEng | Col Johnson & Cpl Grilka | "Your New Home"

Posted on Fri Sep 1st, 2017 @ 10:09pm by Corporal K'nera Grilka & Colonel Imagen Johnson

Mission: Mayday, Mayday
Location: Various Locations

.:// Bridge, USS Scirocco //:.

Thud thud thud could be heard as what sounded like heavy foot hitting the deck. What they didn’t know was that it was a petite Klingon Kreel bastardization.

Thud thud thud could now be heard in the large Marine workshop on the USS Scirocco a Marine support ship. The Scirocco was designed for behind enemy lines deployment with either SpecOps teams or advanced Marine Corps engineers.

The Scirocco was coming back from a deployment near the Kreel self-imposed border. Her unit was setting up a beach head on a moon. They also delivered a SpecOps company to man the beach head until a full Marine deployment could be sent.

Attention all crew. Docking procedures have been started please secure all cargo and other large pieces of equipment.

K’nera was in a weird mood setting up a beach head so that it was easier for the Federation to hunt her people her father’s people. Mind you her father’s clan was very different than all the other Kreel clans they only used privacy in desperate times. But she made a conscious decision to join Starfleet Marine corps so now she had to follow orders.

Minuets later the Scirocco docked with Versailles. +taps+Private Grilka please report to the bridge.+taps+ Sighing K’nera stood up grabbed her tunic and made her way up to the bridge. “…..ah Private it appears you’re out of uniform.” A male officer said trying to hide his smirk.

“Out of uniform?” The young Klingon asked looking at the lieutenant.

“After your excellent work down on Ganymede and setting up the Bastion you are receiving a field promotion to corporal.” The lieutenant said giving the young Klingon hybrid a smirk. “Now the bad news. Downside all of that good work is that the higher ups feel that you’ll be better suited in a larger unit.” The lieutenant said picking up and PADD and handing it to her.

Standing straight as her pip was removed and a double chevron replaced it before she took the PADD. “You’re being transferred to the USS Lexington a new Marine base ship. You’ll be apart of the 102nd Marine company, Fox platoon as of course Marine engineer. Your stuff is being moved there as we speak. It’s been a privilege working with you.”

.:// Airlocks, SB 99 Versailles //:.

K’nera just nodded looking over the orders after being dismissed she walked off the Scirocco and headed for her new ship the Lexington. As she arrived another officer was walking up at the same time.

Imagen had just finished a quick meeting with her superior aboard the Versailles Station, and was heading back toward the Lexington airlock. As she walked she saw another Marine waiting to get onboard. She walked over and smiled, this new Marine was a corporal, and judging by the PADD she had in her hand, she'd just been transferred over. She racked her brains. Yes, she remembered talk of a new Marine coming aboard from the newly established beachhead. "Good morning Corporal." She said, smiling.

Snapping to attention K'nera through up a hasty salute. "Colonel." She quickly said, "Corporal K'nera Grilka reporting for duty."

"At ease corporal, please." She said, giving a casual salute back. She walked over to the airlock and keyed in the access code. "Welcome aboard the Lexington, the newest ship to be introduced to the fleet. She's a biggun that's for sure. 42 Decks, 3 Hangars, 2 Launch Tubes, a full company of Marines and a full fighter wing to. I think you'll like her." She smiled, leading the way onto the ship.

Listening to the description of the ship which for her didn't matter that much. Seeing as her time would be spent in her bunk, workshop, firing range, Marine gym and the Marine lounge. "Who is the company commander?"

"To be confirmed, we're still getting a crew together, but company commanders seem to be a hard thing to come by these days. We should have one within the next few days though, and until then any marine queries can come by me if need be. So, I see you specialise as an Engineer." Imagen said, scanning through the PADD that she'd pulled out of her trouser leg pocket.

K'nera sighed, "not just engineering. Marine engineering. Quick fast efficient and well designed and engineered. Equipment, buildings even vehicles." K'nera said proudly wanting to make sure the colonel knew she wasn't just some ordinary fleet engineer.

"I know corporal, the marine uniform kind of gave that bit away." She said, smiling back as she stepped into the turbolift. She tapped in the command to take them to the Marine barracks on deck 33. "So, tell me a bit about yourself."

"Impressive." K'nera said looking around the deck. "I am a Klingon bastardization. I have the soiled blood of Kreel in me and because of that I am no longer an honorable Klingon." K'nera snarled stopping and looking back at the colonel. "Luckily for me my father a Kreel kept me raised me until they saw me as a liability and here I am."

"Sounds like a tough childhood. I had some issues to, when I chose to join the Marine Corps my family disowned me. Said I wasn't worth their time because I didn't choose Starfleet." She frowned.

K'nera continued to move down the corridors taking a look into the gym. Trying her very best not to loose her cool neither cultures lent to helping with that. "Where's the bunks?"

"Just this way." she said, leading the Marine down the hallway slightly further. "Bunks are in here, showers and washing facilities just down the hall. Firing range down there, as well as a holodeck for simulations." She said, pointing out each place in turn.

K'nera nodded putting all of that to memory. "Is there a Marine lounge?"

Imagen nodded. "Aye, it's connected onto the barracks by a door." She said smiling.

K'nera nodded poking her head in each room. "How about the Marine workshop?"

"Workshops in the armoury, just down there, weapons only released under authorisation of the MCO, MXO, Armoury Officer or me of course." She said, smiling.

Walking back to the bunks K'nera walked over to where her bunk was. Near the back perfect, "is there anything else you need from me colonel. I could use a good shower and sleep."

"No, all good, thank you Corporal. Enjoy your shower and sleep." He smiled.

Colonel Imagen Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Lexington

Corporal K'nera Grilka
102nd Marine Company, Fox Platoon
Marine Engineer
USS Lexington


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