PL| CMO | Lt. Trarr | "Arrival"

Posted on Wed Aug 30th, 2017 @ 5:45am by Lieutenant Belatia Trarr

Mission: Mayday, Mayday
Location: Various

Pacing along the narrow corridor between seats of her transport shuttle, Bellatia hummed a soft tune low in her throat. There was only one other aboard aside from the small crew; a young Trill, fresh out of the Academy. He had fallen asleep some time ago, leaving the Bolian doctor to her own devices, and subsequent boredom. Such a small space reminded her of her past, bringing a slight smile to her lips as the memory flitted by. At last check, they should be arriving within the hour. Even so, it felt as if an eternity.

Pausing in her aimless movement, the woman heaved a silent sigh. One hand lifted, rubbing gently along the small ridge that bisected her features. Excitement bubbled beneath her cool, blue-tinted exterior. The opportunity for her own department had been overwhelming, and delightful, and terrifying, all at once. Certainly, she was prepared. The last two years spent as the Assistant Chief on the USS Yamata had been wonderful experience; but that ship had been a fourth the size of the one she now flew to. A single Sickbay, in comparison to the trio that were, more or less, at her theoretical disposal with the promotion.

Not bad at all, for the daughter of a merchant and a school teacher. Bella nodded to herself, satisfied with the thought. She would have to remember to send a message, once settled. Her kin were never keen to remain out of contact very long. Shaking head slightly, the Doctor flopped herself back into her seat, long legs draped over one of the armrests. A quick glance at the clock drew a soft groan. Half an hour.

Closing her eyes, Belatia huffed out a breath. Nothing brought out the petulance in her like being idle. What few hobbies were portable had been left with the rest of her luggage in a moment of oversight. The single padd that she kept for the ride now sat discarded in the empty seat beside. She had reviewed the ship's specs, and what few crew were already aboard the vessel. A Marine detail was not exactly what she had expected, but she had wheedled enough as it was to not be assigned to a Starbase. Having grown up on one, she was less than keen to return to such a situation. At least this offered adventure; in one form or another.

Just a matter of minutes, now.

~~* Deck 3, Senior Officer's Quarters *~~

Hands on hips, the Bolian woman stood just within the doorway of her new quarters. A spacious suite, indeed. Certainly more than she was used to, pretty much...ever. Even in her last posting, she had had to roommate with the Head (and only, in actuality) Nurse. Drawing in a deep breath, she felt a smile tug at the corners of her lips.

All her belongings were left in a somewhat haphazard pile in the very center of the space, making the whole thing appear even more empty than it was. Soon enough, she would worry about making it more homey. Not that she expected to be spending all that much time here, in truth.

Shrugging to herself, long fingers brushed across her hairless head, more an act of mimicry than any real need to perform the motion. Too much time amongst humans, she smirked, catching the momentary idiosyncrasy. Bringing her hands together in a soft clap, she turned on heel and immediately strode right back through the door. Plenty more to do, before she could even begin to consider herself settled, after all.


Lieutenant Belatia Trarr
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