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SD241709.30 - Joint Duty Log - Everyone - "Party Time" - Part 1

Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2017 @ 12:29am by 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Grey & Colonel Imagen Johnson & Commander Trinian Wells & Major Quinn Rad & Lieutenant Belatia Trarr & Captain Rebecca Charleston & Corporal K'nera Grilka & Corporal Molly Dawes

Mission: Mayday, Mayday

=^= Arthur's Office =^=

"Thirty-six. Thirty-seven. Thirty-eight."


Stony-faced, Arthur paused mid-press-up and gave a small sigh. He'd been disabling the alerts on his computer as fast as he could find them, but there was always some new type of event that had its own beep code.

He shoved hard against the deck and overdid it, almost falling over backwards. With a brief hand on the wall to steady himself, he went over to the computer and resisted the growing urge to crush it with both fists. Technology was never his strength, and this cheap piece of tin was ticking him off with all the beeping and whistles and chirping and....and....

Arthur punched in his password with a meaty finger and took a calming breath.

[[High Priority Calender Update: Party Invitation for Senior and Key Staff. Location: Observation Deck. Alarm: 5 minute alert]]

Swearing under his breath, Arthur disabled the screen and pulled his sweaty top off.

He needed a change of clothes before facing the brass.

...Ten minutes later...

=^= Observation Deck =^=

Pausing to adjust his dress greens, Marine 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Grey straightened up and readied himself for a formal reception. The invite said it was a party, but there were too many officers due at this party for it to be a proper party.

It would probably be a dull, formal affair, he assumed as he pressed the door button. The waiters would have waist-coats, the dishes would be artfully decorated with canapes, and the music would be some kind of high-brow classical...

The door hissed open.

"Evacuate the dance floor! Eh-oh, ey-oh, I'm infected by the sound!" blasted the music, causing the seasoned Marine to briefly twitch in the direction of his side-arm. That much sudden noise normally meant a mortar strike, and Arthur marvelled at the sound-proofing keeping that din contained.

Inside the room, the only people who had arrived before him were a bevy of crewmen setting up the buffet and fiddling with the sound system.

"TURN THAT DOWN!" bellowed the Marine, glaring at the crewmen.

Though they could not hear his words, the thunderous expression on his face spoke volumes, and the music was reduced to a more tolerable level in short order. The crewmen finished setting up the food and quickly scuttled out, brushing past the next arrival in the corridor in their haste to get away from the angry Marine.

K'nera was wearing a simple cream colored spaghetti strapped tank, black leather pants and her black combat boots. Walking in she looked around her hazel eyes scanned the lounge. K'nera didn't want to be here and it seemed the only other person didn't want to be there either.

"El-tee." K'nera said simply to the only officer in the room noting that the man as in full dress and was carrying a side arm which she liked but found it odd seeing as only security personnel were allowed that authority on a ship. Mind you she had had combat knife in her right boot.

Molly was the next to walk in, dressed in a long, flowing, bright green dress. She was slightly shocked to see Arthur standing there in his uniform and K'nera in a more casual dress code. "Urmmmm...I was told this was a party?" She asked, slightly confused.

"Corporal. Corporal." Arthur said to Molly and K'nera, giving each a brisk nod. This party hadn't been the formal event he'd expected, but then he'd only been to a few such events.

"Do either of you know why we're having a party? My invite didn't say who sent it. Only that it was high priority." Arthur asked, puzzled and not liking it.

The XO placed a hand on the door sill, looking in from the hallway. Trin had always loved parties and people, just much smaller versions with say, him and one other person. Taking a low almost silent whistle at Molly, he smiled and turned to head toward his quarters. It was always an angel or devil thing with Trin; probably the payback he got for liking bugs bunny. Bed would be good, bed, whiskey and videos would be better he thought as he strode off down the hallway.

"I need a drink." K'nera growled looking around. "God I hate these." She continued to growl not caring who heard her.

Sitting back against the wall on a ledge in loose gray jeans and a long sleeve shirt, Becca was almost invisible. From directly behind K'nera she used a soft voice, one that would make the half-Klingon jump, "Marine, here." She held out a second bottle from a row of them she had sitting next to her. "I don't much like these events either so I also come stocked."

K'nera took the bottle and cracked it open before taking a healthy swig. Before finally actually looking at the women who gave her the drink. There was something about the women that did scream Marine but also something else. "You are more than just a Marine, aren't you?"

... to be continued...

=^= End of Log =^=

Colonel Imagen Johnson
USS Lexington

Commander Trinian Wells
USS Lexington

Captain Rebecca Charleston
USS Lexington

Major Quinn Rad
USS Lexington

Lieutenant Belatia Trarr
USS Lexington

2nd Lt Arthur Grey
Alpha Platoon
USS Lexington

Corporal K'nera Grilka
Fox Platoon
USS Lexington

Corporal Molly Dawes
USS Lexington


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