JDL|Col Johnson & Lt Ross|Welcome Aboard

Posted on Sat Nov 11th, 2017 @ 2:28am by Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Colonel Imagen Johnson

Mission: Mayday, Mayday
Location: USS Lexington Shuttlebay

Imagen had just received a communique from the Shuttle Frederickson, saying that they were just about to dock onboard, and that they had the new Chief Operations Officer onboard, so she decided to head down to the Shuttlebay to greet them. She walked into the shuttlebay, and headed straight over to the shuttle and waited for the new officer to exit.

The hatch opened and out walked three officers including a tall athletic officer. He had a strong confidence about him. He wore eye glasses and over his shoulder was his rucksack. Hopping slightly off the ramp he walked toward Imagen, "Colonel Johnson?"

Imagen nodded slightly. "That would be me, and you are?" She asked, smiling slightly

He held out his hand, "Lieutenant Oliver Ross, reporting for duty."

Imagen shook the mans hand, before letting her hand drop to her side. "Pleasure to meet you Lieutenant. I believe your joining us as Chief Ops?" Imagen asked.

"Yes Ma'am," he said. "Here are my orders," Ollie handed Johnson a PaDD after fumbling with his bag. "Effective upon my arrival. I hope to take my post as soon as I get settled."

Imagen nodded, taking the offered PADD, and giving it a quick scan over. "Well, everything looks to be in order here. So tell me a bit about yourself Lieutenant?" She asked.

"Well I am from Earth and this is my second posting since graduating from the Academy if that interests you. I have a brother in command." Oliver disliked talking about himself. But the Colonel was kind enough to ask.

"Very interesting. So what are you aspirations?" Imagen asked.

"Right now Ma'am", Oliver replied. "To serve on your crew to my best ability. That's all I need to do." Ross stared forward as the doors of the Shuttle Bay opened. "That's all I can do right now. I would love to command my own ship some day. But I gotta crawl first."

"A good aspiration to have. Well, welcome aboard, your first duty shift is at 1800 hours, and I expect a duty roster for your department with me by tomorrow." She said.

"You got it Ma'am. I'll make sure to start it out as soon as I get into my Quarters." Oliver replied.

Imagen nodded. "Good. Any questions?" She asked, smiling.

"None at the moment," Ross stopped at the turbolift doors. "Just want to get to work."

Imagen nodded again. "Carry on then Lieutenant." Imagen remarked, entering the turbolift as the doors parted.