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Captain Rebecca Charleston

Name Rebecca Valentine Charleston

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 98 lbs
Hair Color Brilliant Red
Eye Color Dark Grey
Physical Description Becca is a petite human with brilliant red hair that gets noticed only second to her short stature.


Father Payton Charleston II
Mother Olivia Charleston
Brother(s) Payton Charleston III
Christopher Charleston
Sister(s) Kayla Charleston
Andrea Charleston

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aloof at most times Becca can be a very fun person to be around. However, she is also prone to migraines which can lead to crankiness. Knowing how to manipulate her personality was something she started to learn as a kid, trying to avoid the ritz of the fancy life but it was something that was further solidified through training at the intelligence school.
Strengths & Weaknesses Martial arts have given her surprising physical strength that allow her to carry out her job better and to surprise others. However, her size can make people think she is defenseless and week. Both a strength and weakness.

Her ties to the prominent Charleston family are both a strength and weakness. She is able to blend in perfectly with the high society but when she goes out under her own name, people instantly attach her with her family, something that she has been trying to separate herself from for years.
Ambitions Becca is focusing on succeeding in the marine intelligence corp without the help of her family. She wants to be her own person. Her goal is not to get higher positions but to be the best at every position that she is in.
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts have always been a hobby of Becca's, even before she found herself in marine intelligence. It was something that her family considered taboo and she liked that.

She also took up the guitar in school and has continued it. She carries it with her to every duty station and has even found it helpful when she has gone undercover. Her preferred type of music is slow rock, pop, and traditional Earth country music.

Personal History Becca grew up as part of the high society as the youngest sibling to the Charleston family. Unlike the other siblings, she became quite the defiant daughter and did much to displease her parents and older siblings. It started with her rebellious uptake of martial arts then continued into music.

Upon graduating high school though Becca surprised everyone by taking the step into the Marines. She signed up and was at first kept from being part of a detachment due to her size. Trained as a Marine Corp armorer, she didn't much enjoy the position.

One day a man in civilian clothes approached her while she was off duty at her starbase offering her the option to train as a field intelligence officer. Seeing it as her way to get into the field, Becca accepted quickly. She took on the position and went to training quickly.

She excelled at self-defense and quickly took to every aspect of her job but report writing. Drafting post-incident reports, intelligence reports, and the like just didn't come naturally to her. She was better at orating her reports.

After finishing training, Becca found herself onboard the USS Python as a field intelligence officer. She received first-hand experience joining away teams and being in the field.

Then it all changed when she was offered a position on the USS Delton, an intelligence vessel meant for reconnaissance and stealth exploration. Serving on that ship got her experience working in intelligence both within the Federation's borders and out.

Her CO saw the listing for Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Lexington and nominated her for the posting. After thinking about it, Becca took the position despite the fact it would take her off her beloved USS Delton, a ship that Starfleet and the Marines would deny ever existed.